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The Power of 3 - Slit Lamp Trade-in Program
Purchase any 3 Keeler desktop Slitlamps (digital and non-digital) and trade in 3 of your old Slit lamps and we will send you a 4th Keeler Slit lamp absolutely free of charge.

Program Details: The program allows a doctor, physician group, hospital, or surgical center to purchase in lots of 3, a Keeler line of Slit lamps (K Series, Q Series, or Z Series) and trade-in in a lot of 3 Slit lamps (any make or model). The Free Slitlamp will be based on the Keeler Slitlamp configuration purchased in a lot. If there is a mixture of three different Slitlamps purchased then the least valued (web price) will be the free slit lamp. There is NO limit to the lots of products purchased and traded-in.

The Free Slit lamp will be sent from Keeler to the End User, upon receipt and verification by Keeler of the traded-in Slit lamps.  In certain cases the return of the trade-in will not be required. Contact your Keeler Regional Manager for logistics and additional questions.

Offer valid September 1 to November 30, 2016. 

Buy 3 | Trade 3 | Get 1 Free:

The Power of 3. Purchase any 3 Keeler indirects, trade in 3 of your old indirects and we’ll send you a 4th Keeler indirect absolutely free of charge.

The Free indirect will be sent from Keeler to the End User, upon receipt and verification by Keeler of the traded-in indirects. No action will be taken without a copy of the distributor invoice and trade-in certificate.

This is a 3-for-3 trade-in. For every three indirects purchased and traded-in Keeler will shipped a similar purchased product directly to the customer free of charge.

Offer valid July 1, 2016 forward.

Hot Product. Cool Savings!

Now, Keeler, the first name in Cryo Ophthalmic Surgery has been supplying the Ophthalmic Surgeon with high performance, reliable Cryo Systems since 1966.

For a limited time, trade in any make or model cryo system and get 10% off the Keeler Cryomatic II

Buyer must purchase a Keeler Cryomatic Console II from Keeler or an authorized Keeler distributor.

Offer Valid from July 1, 2016 forward.

Z Series Slit Lamp & Digital Tonometer!

Order now and receive a limited edition Keeler bronze D-KAT digital tonometer.

Offer Valid from July 1, 2016 forward.

Tonometer Special
Take advantage of three great offers!

Keeler intelliPuff - $600 TRADE-IN on any type of tonometer with a purchase of a new intellipuff.
Pulsair intelliPuff delivers fast, accurate results without incurring daily consumables costs. With our exclusive led technology the cost of your investment with Keeler will never increase your pressure. No consumables required!

Keeler Pulsair Desktop - $1,300 Instant Rebate 
Pulsair Desktop has been designed with the user and patient in mind. The slim profile of the Tonometer head reduces patient anxiety and allows the clinical to maintain the all important visual contact with the patient.

The Keeler Applanation Tonometer (KAT) is a perfect example of our skills; we have applied 21st Century design techniques to a 20th Century device to deliver a premium quality instrument. The Goldmann applanation principle is widely acclaimed as the most common and direct method of assessing IOP.

Offer valid from July 1, 2016 forward

Vantage Plus Digital
Bundle and Save. Free Foot Pedal, valued at $931.00

Offer valid from July 1, 2016 forward