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Ultramatic Phoroptor Promotion
Purchase a new Reichert illuminated or none Illuminated phoroptor and receive $250.00 mail in rebate. 
Offer ends March 31, 2016. 

Phoroptor VRx
Purchase the Reichert Phoroptor VRx and Receive a FREE ClearChart 2 or upgrade to the ClearChart 3P for only $500.

Reichert is offering a $1,500 dealer credit trade-in incentive for any brand automated refraction system* toward the
purchase of a new Phoroptor VRx System. The automated refraction system can be a functional or nonfunctioning
Offer ends March 31, 2016.

ClearChart 1 Trade-In Program
TERMS: ClearChart 1 units must be returned to Reichert in order to determine whether or not the device is repairable.
The trade-in value is $500.00 toward the purchase of a new ClearChart 2 or ClearChart 3P.
Clear Chart Trade-in Offer Offers ends March 31, 2016.

ORA Ocular Response Analyzer G3 End User Rebate
Purchase the Reichert G3 Ocular Responce Analyzer and receive $500.00 mail in rebate.

The G3 Reimbursement for the corneal hysteresis measurement (CPT code 92145) makes the
Ocular Response Analyzer G3 an attractive new produce.
Offer ends March 31, 2016.

ATP Auto Tonometer Pachymeter - Trade-In Offer
Trade in a Reichert ATP models 13863 and/or 13864 and receive a $750 dealer credit towards the purchase of a Reichert 7CR or Ocular Response Analyzer G3.
Offer ends June 30, 2016. 

The Reichert 7CR and Ocular Response Analyzer G3 are different from other tonometers because they are able to quantify and minimize the corneal influence on an IOP measurement. Our patented IOPcc measurement has been clinically shown to be less dependent on corneal properties, and more associated with the status of glaucoma, than Goldmann Tonometry. IOPcc has been shown to be superior to corneal-thickness-based adjustment schemes.

NCT Trade-In Offer
Purchase a Reichert® 7CR - and trade in ANY tonometer and receive $500 in dealer credit. BONUS - Receive an additional $250 in dealer credit for a total of  $750.00 when you trade-in an iCare®*
Offer ends June 30, 2016. 

iPac® & IOPac Pachymeter Promotion
1) Purchase a new iPac Pachymeter and trade-in ANY model pachymeter and receive a $250.00 Credit.
2) Reichert is offering a $400.00 Credit for your old unrepairable IOPac Pachymeter when purchasing a new iPac unit. Old IOPac must be sent into Reichert for evaluation and qualification. 
Offer ends June 30, 2016.